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We Buy & Sell Early California paintings. Free Evaluations.

For over twenty years we have been specializing in Early California Artwork. We are a valuable resource for valuation and historical data of Early California paintings. Our goal is to preserve the Early California painting legacy for future generations.

Early California Impressionism (1890-1940)

By the end of the 19th century, landscape painting had become the primary vehicle for depicting national identity in American art. California provided breathtaking scenery of newly integrated lands for painters working “en plein air,” or outdoors. This was an approach employed by cutting-edge artists in Europe, particularly in France, which artists in America then adapted to create a style that has become the hallmark of what is commonly termed Californian Plein-Air Painting or California Impressionism.

In Northern California, an atmospheric, poetic and decorative style called Tonalism was established by the artistic community of San Francisco. Southern California was a mecca for young, modernist artists influenced by French Impressionism, a movement preoccupied with capturing the immediate effects of light and color under ever-changing climactic conditions.

The regional style of California Plein-Air Painting was created by a group of cosmopolitan painters, whose mobility was facilitated by the new railroad lines to the West Coast. While technically varied, all of the artists represented here were utterly devoted to depicting the natural paradise we aptly call the Golden State.

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We Buy Paintings

Our pledge is to assist in the preservation of Early California paintings in hopes that future generations will be able to enjoy and view these precious works.

We look forward to having the opportunity to discuss either the buying, selling or researching your Early California painting. We have a vast network of dealers,private collectors and investors who are always interested in purchasing historical paintings.

We can also assist in the framing, cleaning and shipping of your painting.

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